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Tag: Success

Polynomials in Alg 2

6 November, 2014 (15:59) | Alg 2, Personal | By: Glenn

I haven’t posted in a while, mainly because I am just so happy with how my classes are going. I will focus on Alg 2 here, because these awesome learners are just knocking my socks off. I am in the polynomial unit, knee deep in graphing, and increasing, decreasing, relative mins, relative max’s, absolute mins, […]

Quiet but busy day

11 September, 2014 (15:12) | Alg 2, Personal, Technology | By: Glenn

Today was my quiet day, only two classes. But, I was busy all lunch upgrading my learners calculators!   Yes, that is the pile I have done today at lunch. About 5 learners have already come in and picked their calculator up, thank goodness. I am a bit nervous having $1200 of calculators sitting on […]

I earned my High 5 today

10 September, 2014 (20:20) | Personal | By: Glenn

  Today it happened! WooHoo! I was completely excited today. I earned the high five from one of my learners. On the 20th of August, I noted that one single learner had not given me a high five, and in fact that she refused to give me a high five. Well today, after working really […]

Additional respect for AP Stats

4 September, 2014 (07:14) | Alg 2, APStats | By: Glenn

 via Before I get into yesterday’s classes, because I don’t have a ton to say about them (they were a repeat of Tuesday’s classes, essentially) I learned something last night about AP Statistics in my “Applied Research Design and Analysis in Education I” also called “Non-Parametric Statistics 1″ class. What I learned is that AP […]

I Have, Who Has in Stats; Speed dating in Alg2

2 September, 2014 (16:45) | Alg 2, APStats, Lesson idea, Success YES! | By: Glenn

  Today was mostly successful for my learners! Yay. I am behind in the book keeping / grading department so I won’t talk about that much. This is always my downfall, and it is so easy to have a conflict of interest between grading effectively and timely, and time spent producing interesting fun lessons that […]

A class excited about logs

17 January, 2014 (11:21) | Alg 2, Lesson idea, Success YES!, Technology | By: Glenn

[I really need to return to blogging. My lack of focus on reflection has hampered me this semester, and I need to fix that. To that end, I am making a commitment to blog and to jog. Those are the foci this year of the ellipse that is my world.] Yea, how often does that […]

#MyFavFri – Learners teaching themselves Completing the Square

1 February, 2013 (13:51) | Advanced Algebra, Alg 2, Success YES! | By: Glenn

  Yea, that’s right. I just had 2 classes in a row teach themselves and others how to complete the square with circles and ellipses. How did I accomplish this miracle, because I really do consider it to be a miracle. In my Advanced Algebra Class we have the following problem called, creatively enough, The […]

AP Stats: You mean we need to understand the formula sheet?

18 December, 2012 (19:35) | APStats | By: Glenn

My AP Stat class has been frustrating me the last couple of weeks. They have been very blah. Not interested in being aggressive in their learning, not thinking about the formulas for stats, and in general willing to just sit there and expect the knowledge to jump into their heads with no effort. It came […]

Nicest thing that has ever been said to me.

4 November, 2012 (16:50) | Personal | By: Glenn

A little background before I explain what was said to me. I was part of an IREX grant program that brings teachers from other countries to the US to learn about education, etc. My part of this was to host a teacher from Jordan for 6 weeks in my classroom 2 times per week, and […]

My thoughts on #TMC12 & overcoming myself

2 August, 2012 (12:20) | Personal | By: Glenn

I am rather late to the gate with these thoughts, in large part because I drove (well, rode my motorcycle) to St. Louis from Reno, which took 4 days to get home. More on that in a different post when I do the math from the trip video. If you ask one of the teachers […]