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Tag: google

Set a GDrive folder to auto expire sharing priveliges

26 January, 2013 (16:54) | Technology | By: Glenn

This is an amazing thing, and I am going to copy almost the entire post from Digital Inspirations here. This is one of those wonderful things that you need occasionally, and when you need it, you really need it. But all those other times, the knowledge just sits there and annoys you that it is […]

Doonesbury blew my mind yesterday

27 June, 2011 (12:46) | Failure, Personal | By: Glenn

I admit it, I read the funny pages first thing on Sunday morning. Okay, maybe I should first admit that I have a daily subscription to the newspaper and read it cover to cover every day. But, on Sundays, I read the comics first. Yesterday’s Doonesbury was an instant classic in my mind, worthy of […]

Google tips for tech cafe

14 March, 2011 (16:13) | Technology | By: Glenn

Tomorrow I will be doing a short presentation at our district’s Tech Café on some google tips. The hard part is figuring out which tips will be most useful.  Here are 4 different cheat sheets for google docs, search and mail. Google for Teachers II Google for power users Google Cheat Sheet Gmail tips In […]

Another reason for teachers to use Google Docs

12 January, 2010 (19:50) | Technology | By: Glenn

As if I needed any more reasons to use Google Docs besides the sharing, the collaboration, the fact it is free, the folders, the sharing of folders, and the fact that it is free; Google has given me one more reason. A big, gigantic reason, actually. I can now upload ANY type of file to […]