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Month: March, 2011

t-tests, calculator skills, and baseball

31 March, 2011 (19:27) | APStats | By: Glenn

My AP stats kids are really not wanting to learn the calculator skills. It is killing me! They want to do it all by hand and then type in the math in the normal screen instead of using “stats” and “ttest” instead. KILLING ME! So, to force the issue, and give them something interesting to […]

Maths in the City looks interesting

19 March, 2011 (15:15) | Alg 2, Lesson idea | By: Glenn

I really find the concept behind the site Maths in the City to be very interesting. Real world math, based on the urban environment around us. It is a British site, but that does not mean it will not end up with some really cool pictures and videos from around the world. Now, what can […]

Extrinsic v. Intrinsic rewards (ie. merit pay or not)

19 March, 2011 (14:57) | General, Personal | By: Glenn

I don’t often post political issues here, but I was doing a bit of reading this morning and felt the need to consolidate some of the posts as well as express some opinions on the issues. Of course, we all read the news, and know of the constant and abusive attacks on teachers and education […]

Google tips for tech cafe

14 March, 2011 (16:13) | Technology | By: Glenn

Tomorrow I will be doing a short presentation at our district’s Tech Café on some google tips. The hard part is figuring out which tips will be most useful.  Here are 4 different cheat sheets for google docs, search and mail. Google for Teachers II Google for power users Google Cheat Sheet Gmail tips In […]

Half sheets for full effort

1 March, 2011 (19:14) | APStats, Success YES! | By: Glenn

In AP statistics I was having a problem getting the class to actually engage during class! I know! The whole purpose of being .. in class .. is to BE IN CLASS! Thanks to my twitter PLN, I learned a terrific idea to get the class engaged. It works. Hardcore it works. It is called […]