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Month: January, 2010

Textbook publishers have a long way to go

24 January, 2010 (21:43) | Failure, Technology | By: Glenn

I attended the Southern NV Math and Science Conference  over the weekend. I presented part of the Advanced Algebra Applications course, but more on that in another post. I also attended a session given by one of the major textbook publishers on 21st Century learning with their products. I was told by my boss to […]

Nanny software irks me fiercely

20 January, 2010 (17:48) | Failure | By: Glenn

I like my school district, I really do. I think they try to focus on the learning of kids more than other districts (granted, I haven’t taught in other districts but my district doesn’t do some silly things I have heard from other teachers). But, and this is giant, big but, they use some really […]

Another reason for teachers to use Google Docs

12 January, 2010 (19:50) | Technology | By: Glenn

As if I needed any more reasons to use Google Docs besides the sharing, the collaboration, the fact it is free, the folders, the sharing of folders, and the fact that it is free; Google has given me one more reason. A big, gigantic reason, actually. I can now upload ANY type of file to […]

The best blog you probably haven’t read

7 January, 2010 (21:13) | General | By: Glenn

“Tom Johnson” has a blog about the introduction of some nasty piece of technology into the schools in our country. It is horrible, disruptive technology that is changing the learning and teaching that is taking place in schools in a dramatic manner. This tech is that horrible and dreaded No. 2 pencil. Yikes!  Can you […]