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Month: April, 2009

Another case working together benefits everyone

18 April, 2009 (15:24) | Lesson idea, Success YES!, Technology | By: Glenn

In another case of “working together benefits all”.  Dan Meyer posted a picture of himself throwing a ball into a trash can.  Except, he only posted the first half of the flight.  (See the original here.) This picture is one in his series of “What can you do with this?”, that challenges educators to think […]

Free Ebook from ASCD

16 April, 2009 (08:52) | Personal | By: Glenn

From 15 April to 6 May, ASCD is offering a free ebook, no subscription or membership required. The title is: “EBOOK Engaging the Whole Child: Reflections on Best Practices in Learning, Teaching, and Leadership” and the link to it is here. I downloaded it yesterday to both of my computers. It looks to be a […]

A seemingly simple question

15 April, 2009 (11:58) | Technology | By: Glenn

This seems like a seemingly simple question for teachers: Could you identify 10 excellent web sites for your grade level / subject area?   via dangerously irrelevant Scott posted this a couple of weeks ago, and got a lot of people thinking about what web usage really is and really means. He ended it with a […]

Why I follow blogs over other media

15 April, 2009 (11:14) | Lesson idea, Success YES! | By: Glenn

I was taking an online course on how to create online courses, and one of the assignments was to suggest pedagogical websites and sources. (That 6 week online course is one reason I have not posted in so long, but that is a totally different story.) I suggested dy/dan, Dan Meyer’s terrific site. One of […]