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Month: July, 2008

A really new piece of software

26 July, 2008 (11:57) | Feedback | By: Glenn

Well, I took the first six slides of my version 2 presentation and re-did them with SlideRocket.  If you have not heard of them, give them a peek.  They are a new startup that can do some amazing things with “powerpoints”.  They aren’t powerpoints any more, simply because we aren’t using powerpoint.    It can […]

Upcoming presentation on Mastery Assessment

26 July, 2008 (11:19) | Feedback | By: Glenn

So I am giving a presentation to my district math teachers on our first day back to school on Mastery Assessment.  Yikes.  I have made two different presentations. The first one, I edited and edited and had what I think is an okay presentation.  Here it is. Assessment for Mastery view presentation (tags: assessment mastery) […]

Photo Story 3 and Mathematics video in the classroom

9 July, 2008 (18:44) | Lesson idea, Success YES!, Video | By: Glenn

So, I finished my last post, and realized that I was talking, but showing nothing.  So, start to finish, including the time to upload to Vimeo AND for vimeo to convert the video and Photo Story to render the video and me to type this second post.  Meaning this is all inclusive time, here.  I […]

How to do video easily in a classroom.

9 July, 2008 (18:07) | Lesson idea, Success maybe, Video | By: Glenn

Well, some of us are not as good as Dan is when it comes to video. Heck, I bet 99% of us couldn’t do the things he does with video.  But why let that stop us from using video, and more importantly, coming up with ways to have our learners constructively use video in the […]

Amazing History and Mathematics lesson

3 July, 2008 (18:11) | General, Video | By: Glenn

For one of my classes (two sections) I was given an 89 Gig Ipod Video.  This class is (badly) called the Gateway class, and it is a quarter of Post Alg 2 mathematics in Finance, a quarter of Mathematics in Art, a quarter of Mathematics in Technology / Computers, and a quarter of Mathematics in […]

The Challenge

3 July, 2008 (15:14) | General, Personal | By: Glenn

I finished reading “The World is Flat”  by Thomas Friedman about two months ago.  Wow.  It really makes you think about our place in the educational system.  I have a whole bunch of quotes noted on the back cover that I can use later. The most striking quote I picked up on in the book […]

A potential way to make Skills Assessment work for Alg 3-4 [Alg 2]

1 July, 2008 (21:27) | Alg 2, Assessment, Success maybe | By: Glenn

So one of the biggest problems with using skills based assessment, or standards based assessment, or any of the other names that can be given to the process that Dan Meyer has been educating us on is that Alg 2 is just way to darn big. I mean, really.  Rational functions?  Composition of functions?  If […]