Aug 022011

In Montana, there is a town called Haugan on I-90 near the Idaho border with an interesting building. As you approach, you see signs like this every couple of miles. [click on the pictures for a higher res image]


Outside, the place looks like any tourist trap.


Do they really have 50,000 silver dollars inside?

DSC01898 DSC01895 DSC01893 DSC01892

And at the back of the bar they have a sign saying what the current count is. I visited twice, 1 year apart.

In July 2010, it looked like this:                    In July 2011, it looked like this:

DSC01891 DSC00182

Any Questions?

[Please leave me some challenging questions in the comments. I am looking to develop this into a classroom material lesson. I also have more pictures of the inside, I just posted a few of them here.]