Jan 122010

As if I needed any more reasons to use Google Docs besides the sharing, the collaboration, the fact it is free, the folders, the sharing of folders, and the fact that it is free; Google has given me one more reason.

A big, gigantic reason, actually.

I can now upload ANY type of file to Google Docs. I am no longer limited to only Word, Excel, PDF’s and PowerPoint docs like before!  Any type of document can be uploaded and stored on Google Docs, as long as the file is smaller than 250 megs.

That means most video files can be stored there. Images, RAW files, anything! But, Google only gives us 1 gig for free for files not converted to Google Docs format (and 10 gigs for files that are) . Aw shucks. Only 10 gigs :-(. I just checked the folder size on my Algebra 3-4, AP Stats, and Advanced Algebra Applications courses. All three folders, with all the support docs peaked at 7 gigs. The 10 gigs would be plenty for a significant time in the future.

But, when I run out of space, Google will sell me space (they are a business after all) for the exorbitant cost of 25 cents per year per gig.

Let me put that in perspective. I just purchased a 4 gig flash drive over Christmas break. I got it on sale for $9.99.  If I purchased that same 4 gigs from Google, it would cost me $1.00 per year. In 10 years I would spend the same amount.

The only difference is, with Google Docs, I would have access to my files 24/7, anywhere in the world, and I would never need to worry about losing the flash drive.

There is a reason why Google is so powerful, they are giving away awesome tools for free.

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