Mar 212013

Nevada is one of the SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) states, and the SBAC has released some questions on their website in a way that shows us how the test will look and work when it is fully released.

Guess what, I can’t get it to work at school. Why? The district is standardized on IE7, which is too “old” of a browser for the SBAC, and Chrome is too new. I had it working in Chrome one day, and then Chrome updates and it is broken again.

So, I go home and using Firefox I can get it to run. Great, how do I now get this info to my department? I know, I will use Snagit and make captures of the screens. …. Not so much. One question is actually animated. Great, I will use Snagit and make a video! Yay.

Here it is. The 11 released questions for the High School level proficiency CCSS exam. Please don’t judge the voice over. I sound like an idiot.

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