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It has been a while since I have done a #MyFavFriday, but I realized this week that I absolutely have a favorite I would like to share.

My pens. I love pens.

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I have a ritual I do every morning to make sure I have my wallet, room keys, cellphone and yes, by Rotring Quad-point pen. My pen is similar to the linked pen at Amazon, but has 4 tips instead of 3 and is graphite instead of silver (The bottom pen pictured). I love this pen. Currently it has blue, black, purple and a .5mm pencil. The learners in my class know it and recognize that it is “my” pen because they see it every day in my pocket, and I use it every day working with them. I broke it once, and sent it in for repairs. It cost me $25.00 but was worth every penny and I stressed every day it was gone.

I got hooked on the multi-pen idea from the middle pen above. It is a black Niji Tri-point pen. “Niji” is Japanese for rainbow, and this pen is definitely a rainbow pen. I have retired this pen from daily use, but as you can tell from the black chipping off it was used for many years (I count 13 years, 1987-2000) and loved a great deal. My father gave it to me when I graduated high school, and I cherished it and used it through every college course I took. The physics and math equations that pen solved, let me tell you.

These multi-point pens are impossible to find anymore. Rotring doesn’t make this model, and Niji is long out of business. The current crop of multi-pens is very different shaped. I have the Fisher Multi-pen (not pictured) and it is okay, but I don’t like the grip on it. I prefer the smooth grip instead of a rubber grip. I also prefer the heft of a brass pen instead of the lighter plastic and aluminum pens.

For refills, I settled a while ago on the Monteverde brand refill. They come in many colors and are the smoothest writing ballpoint I have found for these pens. [It is really sad that I have tried enough refills to know what writes best! But I guess after using the same type of pen for 26 years I should have learned that by now.]

Finally, my third favorite pen is a Levenger brand fountain pen. It is heavy, and writes like a dream. There is nothing like putting the purple ink cartridge in it and writing letters. The words just flow out of the pen onto the paper. I really do enjoy writing with this pen because of the weight and smoothness of the ink.

I counted for this article and I have 13 pens in my collection right now. All of them get used to some degree, but the three above are actually loved. The wooden pens; hand carved, polished and assembled are beautiful, the eagle carved from wood is amazing, the Cross and all the rest are nice, but my Rotring, Niji and Levenger are the pens I actually truly enjoy.

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  1. I have the same Rotring Quad-point pen! And I had the Niji – it’s since long gone. (I used the Niji during my engineering coursework and career.) So Monteverde refills, eh? I’ve been using Staedtler with only minimal success. I’ll have to try the Monteverde. Do you order them from jetpens.com or do you get them locally? Other favorites in my collection include a Parker Jotter pen and pencil set with custom knurled grip and a Monteblanc Meisterstuck roller ball pen and pencil set. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Line,
    I order the refills through Amazon right now. I haven’t really shopped for cheapest, just use the low price to get free shipping whenever I need to bump up a purchase. They are really awesome ink. Very smooth and clean writing.
    I think teachers are naturally pen collectors. I have so many cheapies in my room that most people would think are great pens, but I just give them away. Plastic body, no thank you!

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