Oct 272012

I will preface this by saying I am tired. Yes, tired. The faculty play is kicking my butt major hard core (1 more week to go before we go live, thank goodness), I have been at school for 12 hour days more than I can count in the last 3 weeks, and I just spent all day writing a grant proposal for more calculators because the 12 year old ones we have are dying. Yes, that was my Saturday.

But I love my coworkers and learners. We had homecoming last week, and one of the days was Star Wars Day, which our leadership turned into “Nerd Day”.

Of course, I made sure to tell all my learners that it was Star Wars Day, not nerd day, and they needed to get their Jedi on. I made a big deal of it. I dressed in Star Wars. I wore a lightsaber all day (even to a parent meeting!) Dedication I tell you.

And Monday morning, this is what I saw when I walked into my room:

2012-10-22 06.52.17

2012-10-22 06.51.49

2012-10-22 06.52.28

Yes. Our lovely Leadership kids and teachers put all the Star Wars hallway decorations in my room. That was on Monday, the 22 October. They are still there. I think I will see if I can leave them all year long.

I love them (the coworkers and learners, that is). They make me happy!

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