Sep 202008

Well, I have gotten into the school year, and I am getting comfortable in the routines.  It was more difficult this year with three preps, so I have spent some time getting more prepared and have had to focus constantly on how I am planning.

Some things I have done to make sure I am successful.

1. I have been using PocketMod to keep myself organized.  I have the current week, the next week, a yearly calendar, and then to do lists for Algebra 3-4, AP Stats, Gateway Math, and UNR Class, with one blank page for general stuff.

2. I have flirted with the idea of installing PlansUnfolding.It is a turbocharged version of PocketMod.  Both are free but PocketMod is web based and requires no installation of Latex like PlansUnfolding does.  However, Latex could be very helpful to learn.

3. One thing that killed me this year was that I did every lesson free hand on my SmartPanel last year.  It worked, it was cool, and it left me absolutely nothing to reuse for this year. I am essentially starting over from scratch! Bad Glenn.  Bad Bad Glenn.

4. So, in response I have chosen my Algebra 3-4 class (everyone else’s Alg 2) and am doing every lesson on OpenOffice Impress.  I would rather be chained to opensource than Microsoft, although I have started playing with Presentations ver. 2007, and it is nice.  I don’t know if my current laptop can handle the software though.

5. Finally, I am recording my lectures for Alg 2 (about 15 minutes per day) and posting the MP3 version of it on Edline for my learners to download.  They actually have been downloading the podcasts.  I am using an 80 Gig iPod video with the iTalk.  I purchased the iTalk on ebay for $12, including shipping.

Finally, I have gone over the deep-end on use of technology in the class room.  I will do a separate post on that.

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  2 Responses to “Catching up is hard to do.”

  1. Thanks for leading me to PocketMod!

    I had a question about your podcasts… Since you’re making them for math, can you explain what they are like? Do they sync up with some slideshow or are can you just listen to them without any visuals/text?

    Or could you post an example of them on your blog?


  2. Sam,
    I will post a couple of samples here. They are fairly raw files, since I record what actually occurs in class and then post those without editing. I will post some short ones, with the pdf of the powerpoints.

    PocketMod is very great software. If the site ever goes away, then PlansUnfolding will become mandatory for me.

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