Aug 202012

Well, this is new to me, at least. I have used powerpoints in class, but this add-on allows you to do some different things with the software. I hate to compare this to Prezi, but clearly that is the only comparison to be made.

It is called pptPlex, and is a free add-on from Microsoft. Below is a video of my first use of pptPlex.

If you want some better introductions / helper videos on how to use pptPlex, I have some links below for you.

An introduction to pptPlex

Using pptPlex for infographics

Another pptPlex demo

A teacher who is really ‘excited’ about pptPlex!

Creating cool powerpoints using pptPlex

Official Microsoft videos for pptPlex below

Making Backgrounds with pptPlex

This on is just called “pptPlex”

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