Aug 172012

My #myfavfri post this week is on 2 ways to graph equations online easy and simply. I struggled with showing graphs large and in charge in a way that learners could duplicate at home, and then I came across these 2 methods.

1. Desmos’ “A Better Calculator” which is found at Some nice features. You can login and save your graphs, graph many equations and then “hide” them to reveal them when you need, graph conic sections, etc.

Really nice for the classroom is the fact that it has a projector mode, as well as a “points of interest” button. Here is a screen shot.


I honestly use this in class more than anything else.

2. Google. That’s right, our friend Google. Just type into the search box the following:

“graph y=3x^2 +5x – 6” It is the graph of the equation above. Try it. It will look like this:


and before you even have the equation typed in, the graph is there.

Move your mouse around the graph, and you get the (x,y) coordinates up in the right corner, and you can click the graph and move the axes around.

You don’t need a fancy graphing calculator at home, all you need is internet access and a brower that supports HTML5 (which means not Internet Explorer 7 or below.)

And those are my favorites for today!

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