Aug 102012

I was having a tough time writing this post this week because I have been at Exeter Math training for the last 2 days, and will be for 2 more days. This training has been a huge time suck, with homework given every night that I have spent a lot of time on thinking as I work.

And then I remembered that I don’t have to write the post on Friday, I can write it Tuesday night and SCHEDULE the post to post on Friday morning at 4:00 AM Pacific time so that all the East coasters will see it by 7:00 AM.

Scheduling posts is really how I have been doing my posts for the last week. I have been busy (as everyone always is) and writing when I have time and then scheduling the post for a certain time allows me to meet the deadlines that are holding me accountable, yet still getting posts done.

Great idea, and I wanted to spread it.

And then Shelli goes and says this on Tuesday night.

image Arg. She stole my thunder! Oh well. Good stuff is meant to be shared, not kept back. Look on the right side of the screen in both WordPress and Blogger and you will see an option to schedule the post. As it stands, I am writing this post on Tuesday, but it will post on Friday morning.

My second Favorite right now is a Foray Journal notebook that I bought at Office Depot in the clearance section for a single buck. I go to the clearance section in Office Depot every time I am in there, and usually don’t find a lot there. It is mostly junk or old ipod / iphone cases. But I found a journal that just looked awesome. Mine is blue with no “Journal” across the front, but it does have the ribbon and the silver edges. It is a very high quality, large journal.

This is my Exeter Journal, and I am using it as a modified Interactive Notebook. Modified because I am not using the left / right structure, but instead using a color / pencil approach. It looks like this:

Essentially, it is my favorite because I have been writing in it every day for several weeks and reflecting on the Exeter materials. Pencil for my work, and purple for reflections. If I had started this after Megan’s INB presentation at #TMC12, I would have done the left / right side division.

Working in this notebook has just made me see how powerful they can be for my learners as well as myself.




And I will leave you with a poem:

Math is beauty, poetry and fun, and it all begins with number One.
As you go from One to Two, you will learn what math can do for you.
So if a number isn’t your hero, you’re nothing but a big fat zero.
-Dan Carter, math teacher Reno, NV

  3 Responses to “#MyFavFri: scheduling posts, $1.00 notebook & a poem”

  1. I’m glad you posted this…the brief description of HOW to schedule a post will help lots!

    I had to schedule posts for 2 #made4math posts in a row when we were moving from one city to another…it’s super helpful. The only issue was remembering to tweet the post in time for @druiok to archive it. 🙂

  2. LOL – Sorry for stealing your thunder! But it’s still an awesome feature. I also check Office Depot every time – their back to school clearance sales will start soon and I found GREAT deals there last year!

  3. I am off to Office Depot this week, and I will certainly check out the clearance bins… you never know when you’ll find a treasure! Loved the poem, too. Thanks!

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