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My district (Washoe County School District in Nevada) puts together blueprints for us each year. They change a little from year to year, but generally don’t have tremendous changes. This year, of course, being an exception because of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) that we are required to roll out.

The page I linked to above is to the general Assessment page on my district’s site that contains the current blueprint. It has not been updated for the current year, but it will. Below are the current blueprints for:

I really didn’t like this format for Common Core. It was very book reliant, and focused too much on what our old (3 year old) books wanted us to teach instead of the new standards. I took those blueprints, and turned them into a scope and sequence document that looks like this:


Now we have the topic, the subtopics, the recommended days (based on a 55 min class, 5 days a week, which is NOT my schedule, but easier to communicate across schools w/ different schedules) and the standards listed.

If you want the PDF of the document for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Formal Geometry for my district for comparison purposes, here it is.  If you want to make your own, here is the publisher file for you as well.


Next, I have some consensograms for you. @Druinok posted a link from Pinterest about using paint chips from your local hardware store as consensograms. Which reminded me, I have many consensogram blanks on my website! For instance, I have this:

image (I actually have each one of these separately, but posted a pic of all 3 together to save space.) Or this one:

image (which is what I use) or :

image or even the really interestingimage

All of these are in PDF or Word format on my website: on the left hand side. They are listed as “Consensograms” because that is what we called them in the SLF (or Student Learning Facilitator) Program.

I use the 1- 5 card. I had 30 or so laminated up by our Student Company and cut out. Then I put a paperclip on the top, and the learners slide the paperclip to where they are at. When I ask for “How you doing?” or some such question, they slide the clip and show me.

If I make more, I will put on the back, A B C D E so I can also have them show me their answers to multiple choice questions that I use for AP Stats Warm-ups.

And those are my 2 #Made4Math contributions for today!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m sure that CCSS document will come in very handy this year and I LOVE the consensograms! I also like the idea of the A-E on the back so they are dual purpose.

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