May 042011

The FRQ review that I did last class was fairly successful. The learners worked their problems, thought about how to teach that problem, and gave good presentations to the class. The one thing I was very disappointed in was the lack of questions on how to do the problems the class was teaching. They all said, “yup, I understand how to do it, that makes sense.”

Come on, as a teacher, I know that is b.s. They were just humoring their classmates giving the presentation on the problem.

Today I am giving them another MC practice exam. I am still mixing it up though. I numbered them off by 1,2’s. Now they all have an odd or an even number. The ones went to one side of the room, the evens to the other.  I gave them 5 minutes to work on as many problems as they can in pairs, then called “switch”. Then they worked more problems for 5 minutes before switching again. And again. And again.

When the class was half way over, I required them do a “switch different”. Now they were paired up 1-2 instead of 1-1, and they were teaching each other the problems they already did.

It is a modification of a think-pair-share but for AP Stats review.

First period went off terrifically! Second period also! At great day of reviewing multiple choice problems where everyone was engaged and focused on the problems at hand.

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