Jan 272016

I have not blogged much because I … well I haven’t been very reflective, more reactionary. I have been focused on building a program, recruitment, developing resources, and collaborating with my fellow Master Teacher, but I have not stopped and reflected at all on how this process has gone.

That must change. For me. So I can grow and get better at this new position (because I am in the second semester, and it really can’t be called new much longer.) That raises an interesting question. At what point is a “new” job no longer “new”? Hmm. I think about now, 8 months in, it is no longer new. It is me. And I need to stop and think; reflect; realize what I am doing poorly, what I am doing well, and start improving.

So what brought on this bit of soul searching? I read these two article in the same day:

Detroit teachers want you to see these disturbing images

Michigan Court: State Has No Obligation to Provide Quality Public Education

And, I am in a Critical Theory course for my PhD, which is challenging my perception of philosophy and what I am willing to accept as “normal.”

No way in hell will I ever accept that the content of these two article is “normal”. Teachers in Detroit are putting up with what? And Michigan judges have ruled (yes, in a very technical manner, but they ruled) that the State only needs to offer education, not a QUALITY education!

Oxygen Magnesium, are you freaking kidding me.

<<breath>> <<breath>>

Okay, this is not okay with me. I don’t live in Michigan, and this is not okay with me that this is going on in Michigan. It will never be okay in Nevada where I live. I will fight tooth and nail to make sure of that.

I am fighting to make sure of that. I will teach my new teachers about social justice, and Critical Theory. I will make sure they know to stand up for their learners and do what is right by them.

More blogging. More reflecting. It is important to me, and I have missed it.

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