Apr 282011

This week is review. All review. It is as interesting and as fun as watching paint dry. It is also necessary. I have 90 minute blocks, so I can give them the full exam in two periods. The first period I gave them the multiple choice, ran it through the scanner, and handed them their results, answer sheets and the worked out solutions as they headed out the door.

Let’s just say they didn’t realize what 90 minutes of sustained effort on a Stats exam felt like until then.

The next time I saw them, I gave them the free response. Now I have to grade them all, so it will take the weekend for me to give them their results back, the effort will be worth it (I hope).

But … there is no way I can justify giving them another set of exams like that. Just working problems in a silent room will not be the best way to learn.

For the next class period’s review I am going to give them a card when the walk in. That card will group them into one of 6 groups. It will be random, so the question of favoritism can not come into play, and after the class starts I will assign the groups one of the 6 FRQ’s from 2009. I will try to give #6 to the strongest group. Each group will have 30 minutes to create a presentation to the class on what the correct answer is. 15 of the minutes will be without the answers, so they will have to actually work the FRQ honestly.  I will give them the answer packet after 15 minutes, so they can check their answer.

Finally, they will have to come up with (in the 30 minutes) a presentation to the class to TEACH the correct answer, including the language, graphs, and anything else needed.

My goal is to have the learners discuss the correct and incorrect answers, answer questions and become experts on the questions and then model the expert behavior for a more successful exam scenario in two weeks.

Let’ s see if it works. I will let you know. Monday will be the day I do this. It has to work better then me standing in front of the room telling them. How long will they retain that?

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