Sep 012014

Sometimes the internet is your savior and sometimes your timesink, but when reading @Cheesemonkey’s material, it  is always golden delicious bits of luscious learning.

Take, for example, her post on Transformations in Precalc. It is a fabulous exercise, and I am going to do it this week. I was talking with my fellow teacher in Alg 2 Honors last week that the way to write translations is using function notation, and this exercise has everything wrapped up into a foil package of wonderfulness.

But…. I am really … particular… about how I write things, and I cannot just use her files. They are hand written and scanned, and that is not as nice as typed and printed.

So, I remade them. Here is the Word DocX and the PDF of her 36 transformations. I have included her instructions and link to the blog post in the file so that full attribution will always go to Elizabeth.

Thank you Elizabeth! I will let everyone know how it goes next week. EEK! Tomorrow!


edited same day

Due to some further delicious efforts by Meg Craig (@mathymeg07) we have Day 2 of the speed dating sheets up!

Speed-Dating-Cards Day 2 DocX format

Speed-Dating-Cards Day 2 PDF format

  2 Responses to “Alg2 Lesson next week”

  1. Hi Glenn,

    This is awesome! Can I send you my Day 2 transformations cards to typeset too? 🙂

    – Elizabeth (@cheesemonkeysf)

  2. Absolutely and I will add all of them to this post for others!

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