Aug 252014

Vocab is killer in stats class. If there was one single thing that determines success or failure in stats class it is mastery of the vocabulary. I am really trying to make that a smoother transition, and I think so far it has been successful.

One new thing I tried is Shelli Temple’s (@druinok) Quiz-Quiz Trade exercise.

They are 32 flash cards with a sampling situation on the front and the answer on the back. Nothing truly spectacular in difficulty setting up, but really, how much of what we do is super complicated.

I gave one class about 30 minutes to do in class, and the others 15, but all of them had great questions about why this was cluster, but that was stratified, etc.

On the quiz they are getting, the question I am most looking forward to the answers is: “Explain the difference between cluster and stratified sampling.” I hope this helps them see the differences in a sharper, more focused way.

And then there is tonight. This is a short post because of tonight.

I leave school in 15 minutes for UNR, where at 4:00 pm I have my first grad school class to begin my Ph.D. process. I am a little nervous, but a LOT excited.

I am not clear in my mind if I am going to use this blog as a platform for reflecting on my studies, or if I should keep them separate and start a new one.

Any guidance from the readers? All 2 of you? 🙂

Anyway, off to a class in Qualitative Research in Education.

  2 Responses to “Quiz-Quiz Trade in Stats”

  1. Do whatever is easiest for you to manage. Doing your program and teaching and whatever else you have going on is a lot already.

  2. I would love to hear about your studies AND your classroom; I think you should write about whatever you want to share/reflect on. Good luck!

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