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These two pages are representative of the MASSIVE vocab we are wading through in my AP Stats class today. I snapped a couple of pics as I was walking the classroom answering questions. It was a successful day, I think. …. Maybe.

I finalized a diagram I had in my head and that I have drawn by hand several times over the last couple of years.

statscycle Stats is about taking the population, extracting a sample correctly, and constructing an appropriate, useful model.

That reminds me of a quote I read today:


Anyway, I took the learners through my short ppt on the theory behind the journey we are starting. After that, they had to start looking up the vocab in the textbook and start developing the definitions for the 8 types of sampling, the 4 types of bias, and the other vocab associated with sampling.

Next up, the sharing of the vocab they found (which will all be the same, they all figured out how to use the book quickly). I will do that quickly, answer questions, and immediately move to “On the River” exercise. More on that later.

My Learners:

I was really struck today by the different ways the classes jumped into this exercise. Period 2 was very helpful to each other. They started discussing the vocab right away and were very animated. By contrast, Period 3 was silent. I don’t mean they whispered. I mean they were absolutely silent. It really freaked me out. I just wandered around and it took about 20 minutes before they started asking questions. That was highly odd.

By contrast, my 5th period had a table that not only was really thinking, but they determined what stratified sampling was without consulting the book. They asked me if it was legitimate to sample via strata (although they did not use that vocab, it was exactly their question.)

The level of their thinking really impressed me. It was the first day of week 2, and they are naturally coming up with the ideas of  stats on their own. Pretty cool.

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  1. That quote about models is going on my wall now 🙂

    Thinking about sampling and population and the error along the way, I made a graphic that helps me organize the process. Like all models, it is broken, but the students and I find it useful. Let me know if you have any ideas of how I could improve that further based on some of the discussions you were having in class!

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