Aug 172014

Can I tell you how much I love my learners! A sophomore girl walked into my classroom this week with these shoes and and said, “Mr. Waddell! Look what I found this summer!”

2014-08-13 07.42.29 How awesome are Calculus Toms. If you know or have any influence at Toms, tell them to make them again! I am so bummed that they are not for sale anymore. This learner found them in a used clothing store and was completely excited that she found math shoes. I must be doing something positive in the classroom if my learners from last year are this excited about shoes.

As far as my classes at the end of the week, they went well. The first week of school was successful. My algebra 2 learners are crushing the rules and can solve any literal equation I through at them. This means that they CAN solve any equation they need to all year long. Tuesday, I connect those dots with them and then move into parent functions.

One thing I am very proud of is my syllabus this year. I completely redesigned it, and I incorporated Remind into it in an important way.

2014-15 Alg 2 syllabus    Syllabus-AP Statistics

These are pages 1 and 3 of my syllabi, with page 2 being the signup sheet that Remind prints out. I have almost every single learner signed up for Remind in my classes, and even some parents. I am really excited by that level of commitment. What makes me even happier is that I heard from one learner that every single teacher she has is using Remind.

At that point the teachers are being consistent and even in their approach to communication and usage of the tools for communication.

One thing that I have done this week is record one of my classes. It wasn’t hard. I took my old cell phone (a Motorola Mini) and created a super high tech platform for holding it.

No, really. Super High Tech

2014-08-15 16.21.07 2014-08-15 16.21.15

That is it. Just a paper cup, cut with a slit and room for a power cord if necessary. I recorded a class on 720px and got 50 minutes of video in a 4gig micro SD card. I will move it to the laptop, delete, and be ready for the next recording.

One thing I want to do is regularly record and observe my classroom. This will give me a way to observe my class as an observer would. What will I see? Not sure yet. But I will be using those videos as part of my reflections. I can not show the videos online, but I can describe and use them to change my teaching.

All in all, a great first week, some very positive response to the syllabus, to the lessons so far, and the development of the classes.


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