Jan 292011

What a difference a year makes. Or not. No, it did make a difference. A year ago, I was in the middle of my 3rd year of teaching. Do you remember your third year? If it sucked, because you felt like an utter failure at every single lesson, every single exam, and everything else you did, then yes, you remember.

So, I stopped blogging. I am still looking for success, and I am finding some better success now, but a year ago, no.

With that explanation, I am going to explain what I learned, and then re-launch my blog.

What I learned by taking a year off. First off, I didn’t really think I had anything to contribute to the larger community of teachers as a whole. I now realize that I was horribly mistaken! I do have something to contribute, and I am not a horrible teacher. I may not be a great one, but I am not horrible. What I have to contribute is the successes I do have! My learners are awesome! My fellow teacher ROCK! And together, we have done some amazing things. I can share those amazing things.

You know that model of competence? Yea, that one one that has Consciously Competent, Unconsciously incompetent, etc. You know, this one. I learned that I have Unconscious Competence in technology. I dealt with some teachers and had it drilled into me that it is not necessarily a good thing to be unconscious about that!

Damn. That is why I was so frustrated on some issues with fellow teachers! I just assumed that everyone can write in html (you mean they can’t?).  So, I spent part of the year thinking on how I can help. How can I do better at teaching my co-workers?

So, in the end, I learned a lot about me. My goal is to have one substantive post about my learners and classroom every week. I also post a daily or every other day link on Twitter about tech and / or interesting idea about teaching.

I also started the SLF (Student Learning Facilitator) program with Washoe County School District. I will be writing about this process. Honestly, it is the best training I have had, hands down.

Bon Voyage, my friends. So begins a new chapter in finding Success!

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