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My name is Glenn. I am a teacher (started in 2007), learning how to teach better and make myself the best teacher possible. Well, I used to be a high school teacher, and now teach at the University of Nevada, Reno in the NevadaTeach program.

This is a blog about the trials and tribulations that are taking place in my attempts at making an impact on the math education and now the education of my education learners. (Yea, that sounds odd, but it is true.)

Let me take a moment and talk about that last clause, “the education of my education learners.” I use the word “learner” on purpose. I never had any students in my classroom, I had only learners. And we were all equal. Everyone in my classroom is a learner, including me. In addition, I realized the last 4 years of my high school teaching career that I wasn’t teaching math, I was teaching students the subject of math. The object of the last sentence is a big deal to me.

In addition, I have several “irons in the fire” as it were. My website where I post content for my classes is http://mrwaddell.net.

I am webmaster for Northern Nevada Forensics Association’s website, the TwitterMathCamp site and I am on the organizing committee for the Twitter Math Camp conference held every year. I also post items from my large collection of Knox College memorabilia at my site; Knoxdocs.net.


Finally, if you want to follow me on Twitter, my handle is @gwaddellnvhs, and it is also my name on Facebook. Let’s help each other help our learners!


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Please contact me with any questions through my google profile.

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  4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Dear Mr. Waddlell,

    I am even too embarrassed to give my blog acct, really. I took part in the math blogger initiative. After reading “Success,” I am embarrassed! So easy, wha-la, and after 26 years of teaching math. Can I start the year over PLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAA EEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEEE!

    I am a creative, crafter, mom, teacher, educator, passionate about making the learning environment relevant and assessable. Can I be your friend? I loved CPM, but my school threw it out…no one wants to talk about pedagogy, baseball, sure, test scores, okay, AP for “retards” sure. I don’t know how to twitter, I want to be involved in Twitter Math Camp. I want to know who you all are. I can offer a lot, a rebel, reflective teacher can, I just need my PEEPS!
    Thank you for sharing your journey. We are lucky to have you. Amy

  2. Your website has an amazing amount of information in it! I was looking at your ISBN Check Digit Schemes page. Reading through it I can see how to figure out the check digit for ISBN 10 digit codes. I was wondering how to figure out the number if it’s not the check digit? I’ve been playing around with the idea that if it’s the 3rd number in the code that the formula would be 8a+multiplication/sum of other digits=(a multiple of 11) This is where I get stuck. How do you know which multiple of 11 to use or is it just trial and error? Help??? Please!! I’m an elementary teacher taking a math night class that’s driving me crazy!

  3. I read the pages about not using y=mx+b. I understand how this is different and inconsistent with how the rest of math is taught, but my question is, what to do about the students who DO understand it this way? I for one always had an easier time remembering y=mx+b than all of y-y1 = m(x-x1). I also don’t quite understand what all the fuss is about how m doesn’t “stand for” slope. Perhaps this makes me sound like a curmudgeon, but if lines are going to be referred to this way sometimes and not everyone is going to the Exeter method, shouldn’t both methods be accommodated?

  4. Linda,
    I always show both methods, and let the learners chose. In fact, I end up requiring both the expanded and the simplified version to be written down anyway.
    My goal is connections and understanding, and as long as the learner makes those connections and demonstrates the understanding, how they arrived at the end goal is up to them. I am merely a guide, not the judge. The only judge is the learner constructing the knowledge into a set of good math.

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